Perhaps it all started at the age of 10 when Clive Sinclair was advertising the ZX81 in the national newspapers, membrane keyboards, 16K ram pack, thermal 'toilet roll' printer.

I was hooked, upgrading to the ZX Spectrum, discovering games and realising that if I continued with them I'd loose large chunks of time and perhaps become pale from lack of sunlight.

Thus I was launched into a career in IT from mail order to manufacturing, banking and software houses, computer operations to world wide support and project management & consultancy. Finally giving up the 'day job' to immerse myself into e-commerce and website design and management.

We created the Earthly Gems Online Crystal and Mineral shop, a busy e-commerce site in operation starting with 256 products in 2000, now over 5000 items are listing with new items added daily.

So we have proven experience from a customer and client perspective which saves you time and energy with your website, we've already taken time to learn, grow and create a functioning online business. That demonstrates that we don't just build websites we're also continually developing them with a background of real world experience.

We can help with refreshing your existing website both from the user and search engine perspectives. Unfortunately your website is a continued investment, its been years since you could build a wbsite and not continue to develop it, leave the competition behind by being innovative.

Examine your content, optimise where required so the search engines can find you, how they find you is continually changing, you have to be adaptable.

Creating a web presence and managing it for you from hosting and domain name purchases to your website content we can manage it all seamlessly for you.

Simple website - a few pages with details of products or services

Ecommerce - selected ranges or thousands of products, secure payment options, real-time stock control, easy to manage

Content management - we'll set it up and train you on how to add or edit content so you can manage your own site, of course we'll be available for help, advice or to take over management for you.