Recently several new domain extensions have been released such as *.technology, *.bargains, *.photography etc. (see list below)

It remains to be seen how valid they will be at being found within search engine results, unsurprisingly they also attract a premium price.

This week has seen the general release of the *.uk extension, which is forecast to make a significant impact for UK specific search results.

If you want to protect your brand and target the UK you should seriously consider securing the *.UK domain for your website(s). At less than  20 for 2 years it s a wise investment.

If you d like us to secure any *.uk domains on your behalf just get in touch, for existing customers they will be added your existing products within your Earthly Gems Hosting account.

The majority of the following extensions cost between  25 -  35 per year however .rich will cost almost  1500

.london  .email  .guru  .photography  .today  .tips   .technology   .company  .directory   .land  .bike   .academy    .agency     .bargains     .berlin  .best   .bid  .blue   .boutique    .build  .builders     .buzz  .cab   .camera     .camp  .careers

.center .cheap  .clothing   .club   .codes  .coffee .computer  .condos  .construction  .contractors    .cool   .cruises  .dance  .dating  .democrat    .diamonds    .domains  .education    .enterprises   .equipment   .estate  .events .expert .exposed   .farm  .flights  .florist  .foundation   .futbol  .gallery .gift   .glass  .graphics     .guitars .holdings  .holiday  .house  .immobilien   .institute     .international  .jetzt  .kim   .kitchen

.kiwi   .lighting   .limo   .link   .luxury  .maison   .management  .marketing  .menu  .ninja  .onl   .partners    .photo  .photos   .pics   .pink   .plumbing  .productions   .properties   .qpon  .recipes  .red   .rentals  .repair  .reviews  .rich   .ruhr   .sexy  .shiksha  .shoes  .singles .social  .solar  .solutions    .support  .systems     .tattoo  .tienda  .trade  .training     .uno   .vacations    .ventures  .viajes

.villas  .voyage  .watch  .webcam  .wiki   .works  .xyz   .zone

Existing domain extensions:  .uk    .com   .net   .org  .co    .eu   .it    .info   .biz

.me   .pw  .tel   .name  .mobi  .tv    .cc    .sx  .xxx