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Recently several new domain extensions have been released such as *.technology, *.bargains, *.photography etc. (see list below)

It remains to be seen how valid they will be at being found within search engine results, unsurprisingly they also attract a premium price.


This week has seen the general release of the *.uk extension, which is forecast to make a significant impact for UK specific search results.

If you want to protect your brand and target the UK you should seriously consider securing the *.UK domain for your website(s). At less than £20 for 2 years it’s a wise investment.

If you’d like us to secure any *.uk domains on your behalf just get in touch, for existing customers they will be added your existing products within your Earthly Gems Hosting account.

The majority of the following extensions cost between £25 - £35 per year however .rich will cost almost £1500


.london    .email    .guru     .photography    .today   .tips       .technology        .company  .directory      .land    .bike      .academy            .agency                .bargains              .berlin   .best      .bid   .blue      .boutique            .build     .builders              .buzz     .cab        .camera                .camp    .careers

.center .cheap  .clothing      .club      .codes   .coffee .computer    .condos     .construction   .contractors        .cool      .cruises    .dance  .dating  .democrat           .diamonds           .domains    .education          .enterprises       .equipment        .estate  .events .expert .exposed      .farm   .flights  .florist   .foundation        .futbol  .gallery .gift        .glass     .graphics              .guitars .holdings   .holiday    .house  .immobilien        .institute              .international     .jetzt     .kim       .kitchen

.kiwi       .lighting      .limo      .link        .luxury  .maison      .management   .marketing   .menu   .ninja     .onl        .partners             .photo  .photos      .pics       .pink      .plumbing   .productions      .properties    .qpon    .recipes   .red        .rentals    .repair   .reviews   .rich       .ruhr      .sexy     .shiksha  .shoes    .singles .social    .solar     .solutions            .support    .systems              .tattoo  .tienda  .trade    .training               .uno       .vacations            .ventures   .viajes

.villas     .voyage  .watch  .webcam   .wiki       .works  .xyz        .zone

Existing domain extensions:    .uk          .com      .net        .org  .co          .eu         .it            .info       .biz

.me        .pw   .tel         .name   .mobi    .tv           .cc           .sx   .xxx



Website Design Projects and Support

A selection of customer projects, designs and clients we support

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# Web Link
1   Link   Rock Gem and Bead
The UK's rock, gem, crystal, fossil, bead and jewellery making shows hosted around England and Wales
2   Link   Earthly Gems Online Crystal, Gemstone, Mineral Shop
Buy crystals, minerals, gemstones, gem jewellery, fossils and mineral specimens online. Stocking in excess of 5500 products selling on the Internet since 2000
3   Link   Rock 'n' Gem Magazine
The UK's only magazine dedicated to crystals, minerals, fossils, gemstones, gem jewellery and related pursuits.
Regular features include jewellery making techniques, market news and in depth mineral articles.
Essential for the collector, crystal healer, enthusiast, new age shop, trade supplier and wholesaler alike.
4   Link   Ultimate Luxury Cars
Specialising in chauffeur driven high performance cars for your wedding. The groom is sure to arrives ontime in a Ferrai 430 or Aston Martin.
5   Link   Touch Ayurveda
Treat yourself and keep in balance with these ancient trusted therapies of the Science of life.
6   Link   Designer Rocks
Special Crystals, Fossils and Minerals for display and design.
7   Link   Mister Vinyl
Specialist is vehicle wraps, banners, wall wrap design and printing.
8   Link   Peterborough Workspace
Serviced offices and workshops in Peterborough
9   Link   PJG Construction
Local building & construction company based in Yaxley, Peterborough.

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