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Real World Web Creation

Recently several new domain extensions have been released such as *.technology, *.bargains, *.photography etc. (see list below)

It remains to be seen how valid they will be at being found within search engine results, unsurprisingly they also attract a premium price.


This week has seen the general release of the *.uk extension, which is forecast to make a significant impact for UK specific search results.

If you want to protect your brand and target the UK you should seriously consider securing the *.UK domain for your website(s). At less than £20 for 2 years it’s a wise investment.

If you’d like us to secure any *.uk domains on your behalf just get in touch, for existing customers they will be added your existing products within your Earthly Gems Hosting account.

The majority of the following extensions cost between £25 - £35 per year however .rich will cost almost £1500


.london    .email    .guru     .photography    .today   .tips       .technology        .company  .directory      .land    .bike      .academy            .agency                .bargains              .berlin   .best      .bid   .blue      .boutique            .build     .builders              .buzz     .cab        .camera                .camp    .careers

.center .cheap  .clothing      .club      .codes   .coffee .computer    .condos     .construction   .contractors        .cool      .cruises    .dance  .dating  .democrat           .diamonds           .domains    .education          .enterprises       .equipment        .estate  .events .expert .exposed      .farm   .flights  .florist   .foundation        .futbol  .gallery .gift        .glass     .graphics              .guitars .holdings   .holiday    .house  .immobilien        .institute              .international     .jetzt     .kim       .kitchen

.kiwi       .lighting      .limo      .link        .luxury  .maison      .management   .marketing   .menu   .ninja     .onl        .partners             .photo  .photos      .pics       .pink      .plumbing   .productions      .properties    .qpon    .recipes   .red        .rentals    .repair   .reviews   .rich       .ruhr      .sexy     .shiksha  .shoes    .singles .social    .solar     .solutions            .support    .systems              .tattoo  .tienda  .trade    .training               .uno       .vacations            .ventures   .viajes

.villas     .voyage  .watch  .webcam   .wiki       .works  .xyz        .zone

Existing domain extensions:    .uk          .com      .net        .org  .co          .eu         .it            .info       .biz

.me        .pw   .tel         .name   .mobi    .tv           .cc           .sx   .xxx



About Earthly Gems

Earthly Gems- Esoteric Goods started in 2000 with a dream and a leapt of faith!
After years of being enchanted by the wonders of the natural kingdom, having the opportunity of meeting, working and learning from very experienced and wise members of the mineral fraternity. Having already made the jump from working for corporations to working for myself and turning a passion into a part time business the switch was made to making the part time business the full time one, enjoying all aspects of my 'working career' I was able to combine everything and bring the availability of stones to a wider audience not only online but on the high street as well.
We are now an established and reputable supplier of metaphysical and new age goods specialising in crystals, minerals, gemstones and gemstone jewellery online and in the local area.

Progressing from retail outlets in Market Deeping on the edge of Peterborough we now can be found worldwide available at anytime of the day online, secure shopping at it's best. With over 5500 items available. We also attend related events around the country, predominately Rock and Gem shows but also lectures and conferences, we've also been known to have a stand or two at Mind Body Spirit events and local craft fairs nad can be found at a number of European mineral shows.

In 2009 we became the publishers of the Rock n Gem Magazine and with the combination of proven IT and publishing experience began to offer our expertise to other businesses wanting an online presence.


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